Friction snow blower test

Release:Yongkang Cosmos machinery Co., Ltd     Time:2021-03-21 23:13:14

Based on years of production research and development experience, combined with the requirements of heavy-duty operations in the domestic market, the company has recently developed a new industrial-grade snow blower. The test is hereby performed and the effect is excellent. This snowplow uses a 44 cm diameter super large fan blade, enlarged auger, enlarged copper turbine, so that the wind is stronger, the snow consumption is larger, and the snow throwing distance is longer.

At the same time, the snow outlet is enlarged to avoid blockage, which greatly increases the amount of snow discharged per unit time, and significantly improves your snow removal efficiency. Compared with the domestic counterparts who simply increased the snow removal width, essentially only increased the snow removal width, but did not increase the snow removal volume and snow removal thickness. Our company’s new snow blower completely abandons the design of the old snow blower and is built with a lot of money and conscience. The function of the product has achieved a qualitative leap, and the width, thickness and efficiency of snow removal have been greatly improved.

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