Gear type snowmaker test

RELEASE: COSMOS     TIME: 2020-04-01 14:59:47

This year's latest multi-functional weapon in the winter, with its ability to test its clear snow, product quality, compactness, ease of operation and so far beyond your imagination, equipped with ergonomic and high impact resistance of the handle. High density polyethylene material Yang Xuekou, with a high rugged, can quickly and easily carry out snow skiing operations. Equipped with innovative built-in lights, no separate power, at any time can easily carry out snow work.

Electric start-top valve engine: equipped with a powerful top-of-the-range gasoline engine, if you use the electronic start mode, just press a button, you can get beyond imagination of power.

High efficiency helical reel system: special material and design of high speed hinge system, can quickly remove the moderate degree of snow and protect the ground.