Friction type snow blower test

RELEASE: COSMOS     TIME: 2020-04-01 14:58:44

According to years of production research and development experience, combined with the heavy load operation of the domestic market requirements, the company developed a new type of industrial grade snow throwing. Here the test, the effect is fine, this sweeping machine with a diameter of 44 cm large fan, increase the dragon, increase the copper turbine, so that the wind is more powerful, more snow to eat, throwing away farther.

At the same time increased the snow mouth, to avoid clogging, so that a significant increase in unit time to greatly reduce the snow, significantly improve your snow removal efficiency. Compared to the domestic counterparts simply increase the snow width, in essence, only increased the snow removal width, but did not improve the amount of snow and snow removal, my company's new snow throw completely abandoned the old paragraph throwing snow head design, Product features to achieve a qualitative leap, the real snow width, thickness, efficiency greatly improved.

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