What aspects should the snowplow pay attention to when sweeping snow?

Release:Yongkang Cosmos machinery Co., Ltd     Time:2021-03-21 23:10:32

Snow and icing often appear on the road in winter, which can lead to traffic accidents. At this time, the snowplow can be used. What aspects should be paid attention to when the snowplow is working?

1. Check if there are any loose parts or oil leakage, and fix it before turning on the snow blower.

2. Turn on the snowplow first and let it run at idle speed for 2 minutes to warm up the engine.

3. It is forbidden to carry out any maintenance during the use of the snowplow.

4. Please keep your body away from dangerous parts, and ensure that the snow opening is unblocked.

5. When crossing the road or walking on the sidewalk, please pay attention to potential hazards or car accidents.

6. In case of abnormal noise, please turn off the snowplow immediately.

7. Please turn off the snowplow when cleaning the surface of the snowplow and the snow opening. Before checking or repairing, make sure that the rotating parts are completely stopped.