What is the daily maintenance method of the snowplow?

Release:Yongkang Cosmos machinery Co., Ltd     Time:2021-03-21 23:10:41

When using the snowplow, we are very important to clean up the snowplow, especially the maintenance and maintenance of its accessories. As the snowplow is used for the length of time, it will affect the work efficiency. Therefore, we also need to maintain and maintain it during use. Let us take a look at how to maintain it.

(1) In daily maintenance, it is necessary to promptly remove dust, dirt and oil stains attached to various parts of the snowplow, and carry out anti-corrosion treatment.

(2) Lubricate the pin shaft and bushing with a grease gun within the specified service life.

(3) Secondly, users also need to check each connected component regularly. When the snow removal device is broken, loose, stuck or rotated, if there is abnormal noise, the cause should be found out and eliminated.

(4) After each work, pay attention to check the blade wear.

Good operating habits allow snow plow equipment to work better for us. Therefore, in daily life, we need to regularly inspect, clean, lubricate, prevent corrosion, and adjust the snow shoveling parts. If necessary, we need to replace new parts in time.